Halachic Questions & Answers Relating to The War in Eretz Yisrael

A Halachic Q&A Session hosted by “Kav Halacha”


0:00 – Introduction

1:15 – Divrei Chizzuk

6:10 – Should a soldier issue a get al t’nai/with a shaliach before going out to war?

8:10 – The importance of strengthening our Talmud Torah and our Tefillah

17:00 – Questions relating to moving/using a cell phone on Shabbos during the war

25:35 – Questions relating to Jews outside of Israel getting updates and communication via non-Jewish neighbors on Shabbos

28:30 – Questions relating to turning on a light in a shelter on Shabbos 

31:45 – Calling Hatzala on Shabbos when suffering a panic attack

32:24 – Calling the police on Shabbos when seeing something suspicious

33:35 – Carrying a firearm on Shabbos 

34:20 – General comments relating “pikuach nefesh” of an individual and “pikuach nefesh” of the tzibbur

37:00 – Questions related to participating in a local security patrol on Shabbos

39:46 – What can a soldier take with him when he is called up on Shabbos?

39:55 – Questions related to contacting authorities on Shabbos if there is a direct rocket hit nearby without any human casualties

42:00 – Saying Tehillim and ‘Acheinu Kol Beis Yisrael’ on Shabbos

42:20 – Questions related to a siren going off in the middle of shmoneh esrei or in the middle of a meal

43:50 – Questions related to Yeshiva and Seminary students leaving Israel to return home due to the war

45:42 – Questions related to Ganenet maintaining a kindergarten in the home during this time

46:42 – Is this considered a “time of war” with regards to the mitzvah of onah (marital relations)?

48:11 – Conclusion

Published October 12, 2023 - 8:53